Brittany Bigelow is an artist, producer, lady boss, and creator/host of A Broad’s Way, a podcast that explores the unpredictability of a life in the theater biz and how to find your sense of self through it all.


She has spent the past several years performing regionally and on tour across the country, appearing on tv and in film, and hustling alongside the epic artists in New York City. Her experience as a performer, the passion of the community, and the current political climate has inspired her to challenge the norms of our industry and to elevate the impact we can have through song and dance.


A Broad’s Way is a powerfully dynamic and totally lady empowered podcast. On A Broad’s Way, we are dedicated to celebrating the broads that make up every side of the entertainment industry. From performers, to producers, musicians, and so much more, we are sharing her story, her unique voice, and actively advocating for more diversity and inclusion in the stories we tell, who tells them, and how we tell them.

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